DIY Valentine's Day Crafts | Miramar Apartments

Prepare for Valentine’s Day at our Miramar apartments. Nothing beats a handmade gift, especially on Valentine’s Day! Make some memorable gifts at Atlántico at Miramar by using our DIY guide!

Craft for Relatives

Commemorate this Valentine’s Day with a cute footprint heart craft! If you have a young child, use their footprints to make a unique gift for relatives. All you need is non-toxic craft paint, construction paper, glue, and candy “conversation” hearts. Apply a thin layer of pink, red, or purple paint on the soles of their feet. Use the footprint to create a heart shape on a piece of construction paper with the color of your choosing. Take an alphabet stencil to personalize the image, and glue on the candy hearts. Frame this craft for your relatives to keep forever.

Craft for Partners

Take an extra step to make a unique valentine and customize the chocolate box you bought for that special someone. Grab some construction paper in your desired color pattern. We suggest red, pink, white, and/or purple. Simply cut the construction paper into the shape of the box top. Then, decorate the paper with a personalized message, hearts, glitter, etc. Simply glue your piece of art onto the box top and you have an elevated Valentine’s Day gift.

Craft for Friends

Everyone loves coffee and candy! Combine the two with a nifty customized mug gift. You will need a plain white mug, oil-based sharpies, and an assortment of “fun-sized” candies. Customize the mug with a fun quote, an inside joke, or try to recreate this cute cat mug. Fill the coffee cup with your friend’s favorite candies, add a gift tag, and you have a useful and memorable Valentine’s gift.

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